45 some odd days since my last blog post? Eh, it’s summer and we have been enjoying it. 🙂

I’ve been posting a lot to fb (it’s so much easier for family to keep in touch) and I’ve become one of those mothers that everyone hates on fb who only posts about her kids. Seriously, every post in the last two weeks has been about Natalie.

And so is this one!

Vacation was wonderful, and Natalie had a blast. She was great most of the time, and only had about 2/6 days as really rough.

But today she turned TWO! My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore more at all! She’s a big two year old now! We had a really great day today with her Nana, Auntie Amanda, Uncle Josh and her cousins. We celebrated small tonight (frozen pizza and birthday cupcake) as we’re having a big Monster’s party on Saturday.
I’m pretty stoked for her party, as I’ve been planning it for about a month. I tend to go crazy when it comes to parties.

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