Vcay in… 45 days!

Zach and I frequent Universal Studios Orlando about once a year for their Halloween Horror Nights and are annual pass holders. Honestly I think it’s one of the best vacations if you’re into the theme park scene.
We did Disney back in 09 and while we had a good time, it just paled in comparison to Universal.

Anyway, we’re going twice this year – once in June and again in September (for the Halloween Horror Nights) and I.Cannot.Wait.

This year we’re taking Natalie! They have this huge little kid’s area and I think she’ll really enjoy it.

These next 45 days hopefully will go by quickly. I am so beyond ready for school to be out. It’s been one of *those* school years. I’m so excited to have time off with Natalie for the summer, hell just time to do things other than school stuff for a while.

Anyway we went to lunch with Wyatt and Amanda today and had a nice time. Natalie was so glad to see them! She got all worked up and kept chanting “Auntie, Auntie! Auntie!!” leaving the house, in the car, in the parking lot ha!

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