It’s been a while…

Zach got back from Japan about two weeks ago. I can’t even put into words how glad I am he’s home. I wound up with that horrible stomach bug myself… and caring for a toddler while sick yourself is miserable.
Thankfully, all is well and back to normal now.

Zach, as always, comes home bearing gifts for both Natalie and I. He brought Natalie a large 40th anniversary Monchhichi whom has become her new best friend. If we’d let her, she would haul him around everywhere we go. I’m actually surprised I don’t have a picture of her with him.

Zach brought me some fabulous Dior perfume, but exclusive to Japan he brought us these awesome Japanese KitKats in three different flavors, green tea, cherry blossom green tea and strawberry. The Cherry Blossom ones ARE AWESOME.


So we took Natalie to the Zoo today for the first time and wound up getting a year’s zoo membership. I’m really excited about it, especially for the summer. Natalie had a blast, which is partly why I’m so excited about taking her in the summer. It started raining on us, so we left a bit earlier than we expected to, but it was still great. More pics are in the Gallery.

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So thankfully all is back to normal, Zach’s back, my sweet big girl is back and isn’t throwing 40 minute long tantrums! Thank goodness for normalcy and routines.

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