Yucks and Ukes

It all started when I picked up Natalie from daycare and was promptly informed she *just* bit someone. It’s been weeks since she actually bit someone at school, I thought we’d gotten over this. Her teacher said the little girl she bit wasn’t even doing anything to her.

She’s progressing so quickly, I got on to her and she was upset and kept trying to hug on me. I’ll sure be glad when we’re through this. Anyway she was back to herself on the car ride home, signing, playing boo and laughing, but she kept saying “ow!” and pointing at the back of her neck.

So I pull onto the major street close to home and she starts crying and yelling “ow, ow!!” and I tell her to hold on because we’re *almost* home… then the yucks start… and she starts puking all over herself and the carseat. Massively puking, crying, puking… So I call Zach and tell him it’s an emergency and Nat’s throwing up all over the place we’ll be home in a second.

Thankfully Zach saved the day. He met us outside with towels while I gagged and nearly puked myself as he was trying to get her out of the car. Curdled milk is just something I don’t deal with well.

Zach took care of all of it thankfully while I got Natalie cleaned up. She was so clingy and kept saying “I sick, I sick”.

Thankfully she was okay and didn’t yuck again. Zach was playing his ukulele and she kept dancing to it (tried to get a video but didn’t turn out well). So I get her ready for bed and am tucking her in and I open the door and she can hear Zach playing his uke, and she hops up in the bed and starts dancing and yelling “I dance! I dance!”  –  I couldn’t help but laughing, she’s so funny.

Love my baby girl.

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