Date Night!

So my apparent whining of weekly date nights from ages ago didn’t fall on deaf ears. After a wonderful lunch at Abuelos (<3) Zach suggested we go out tonight.

See we were supposed to take Natalie to the drive in to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman/The Lego Movie but someone was a super fussy pants yesterday so we decided we couldn’t go.

I suggested we go tonight since Natalie’s had a really wonderful day (only one time out! and even got desert at lunch for being so good at the restaurant) but it’s now pouring rain.

So then comes the inevitable “What do you want to do?” discussion, which is almost as bad (maybe worse) than the “where do you want to go for dinner?” question.

I teased dance club. (Zach and I had a conversation about what kind of music will define this generation (as obv. grunge/alt. defined ours) and he said the lack of guitars and major synth/keyboards (which I love) and said it’s basically disco.) You know, since the alternative music we listen to is basically disco according to him. So he’s looking up dance clubs… and came up with Billy Bobs. Ha.

I bet tonight will involve a trip to The Usual.

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